About us

About Us

About Us

Payfare is a global fintech provider driving financial inclusion and empowerment to millions of next generation workers by providing a full-service mobile bank account with instant access to earnings.

Payfare’s technology and partnership with Mastercard is driving financial inclusion and empowerment to millions of next-generation workers around the globe by providing a full-service mobile bank account with instant access to their earnings.

From tech entrepreneurs to senior management at Fortune 500 companies and major financial institutions, the Payfare team has unparalleled experience in the mobile, payments, lending, and information technology sectors.

Payfare is backed by major investment firms and financial institutions around the world. The Company was founded in 2014 and has offices globally.

Our Solutions

Payfare is purposefully in the Gig Economy space targeting two specific industries:

Ride Hail Instant Delivery

Meet our CEO


Chris Seip - Chairman and CEO

Chris Seip Payfare CEO

Mr. Seip spent 20+ years in senior leadership positions with the largest bank in Canada, The Royal Bank of Canada.  Most recently, Chris was one of RBC's Chief Operating Officers. 

Chris is recognized for managing change and for creating high-performance cultures that are adaptable and purpose-driven.  Delivering consistently high financial and operational performance, Chris' track record attests to a strong leadership tone of commitment and passion.  Driving financial inclusion through technological disruption is Chris' key and immediate Payfare mandate.  Chris holds a CFA and MBA from McGill University. 

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How to partner with us
Payfare's success is built on our keen ability to recognize partnerships that provide an edge in helping us expand our business globally. We are constantly looking to establish mutually rewarding, strategic relationships with companies in our industry. If you are interested in speaking with someone from the Payfare management team, please email us at partnerships@payfare.com