Your Business

Make your company a better place to work

The Business

Employer Benefits

Increase Productivity

Productivity is proven to increase with the prospect of same-day pay.

Improve Retention

Make your company a better place 
to work and benefit by improving the daily lives of your workers.

Reduce Absenteeism

The prospect of having earnings accessible for their day's work, motivates consistent attendance.

Attract New Workers

Instant pay sets your business apart and makes workers notice.


Payfare is purposefully in the Gig Economy space targeting two specific industries:

Ride Hail

Instant Delivery


Instant Pay for Your Business
White labelling Payfare's instant pay is good business.

No technical integration required  
We seamlessly pull your existing time and attendance data.

No requirement to pre-fund payroll
We provide the funds to advance earnings to your workers.


No changes to your payroll process   
We work with any payroll system or provider.

Available to 100% of your workforce
Gig, hourly or salary workers qualify.

Simple program implementation
We manage the entire program on your behalf.

No Compliance Risk
We are fully compliant in all markets.

How it works

The Business

Payfare’s proven, in-market solution can be fully customized and private labeled for your company - from mobile applications to Mastercard co-branded cards. You can also leverage Payfare’s enterprise API’s to create a seamless integration with your current applications and payroll platforms.

  • Enrolled workers receive a Mastercard and mobile banking application.
  • Workers can cash out available earnings instantly to their Mastercard and have immediate access to their funds.
  • Your business or Payfare funds Instant Pay.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • A loyalty program is designed, right for your business.
The Workers

Workers are happier with instant access to cash. Improve attendance, reduce turnover and attract new talent.

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